when to encode space to plus (+) and when to %20 ?   Leave a comment

+ means a space only in application/x-www-form-encoded content, such as the query part of a URL:


In this URL, the parameter name is query name with a space and the value is query value with a space, but the folder name in the path is literally foo+barnot foo bar.

%20 is a valid way to encode a space in either of these contexts. So if you need to URL-encode a string for inclusion in part of a URL, it is always safe to replace spaces with %20 and pluses with %2B. This is what eg. encodeURIComponent() does in JavaScript. Unfortunately it’s not what urlencode does in PHP (rawurlencode is safer).


The browser will create a query+name=query+value parameter from a form with <input name="query name" value="query value">. It will not create query%20name from a form, but it’s totally safe to use that instead, eg. if you’re putting a form submission together youself for an XMLHttpRequest. If you have a URL with a space in it, like <a href="http://www.example.com/foo bar/">, then the browser will encode that to %20 for you to fix your mistake, but that’s probably best not relied on. – bobince Apr 20 ’10 at 21:22



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