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apex:PageMessages is a containing component where any messages that have been added to the page will appear.

apex:pageMessage is a component that adds a single message to the page.

apex:message allows you to associate a message with a component

I’ve not used apex:messages – I can’t see how it particularly differs from apex:pagemessages

ApexPages.Message is the class that is used to model a message. A message isn’t associated with a page until it is added via the ApexPages class.

ApexPages is a class that allows you to access the current page (through ApexPages.CurrentPage()) and manage messages for the current page.

I’d start off adding an apex:pageMessages component to the top of your page and then add some messages in programmatically via the ApexPages methods – that should help clarify things.


Posted 2011年04月26日 by gw8310 in salesforce


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