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Eclipse Plugin: Wicked Shell

It exists, and it’s built into Eclipse! Go to the Remote Systems view, and you’ll see an entry for “Local”. Right-click “Local Shells” and choose “Launch Shell.”

You can’t launch it directly from the project navigator. But you can right-click in the navigator and choose “Show in Remote Systems view”. From there you can right-click the parent folder and choose “Launch Shell.”

… just a little bit late 🙂 you might give a try at It gives you options like open shell and open explorer from Project Explorer context menu.

There’s also but it seems kind of stuck at 2009.

ShellEd looks promising, does syntax highlighting, and has positive reviews, although I’ve not tried it myself. It was approved for distro inclusion by Redhat. There’s a little more info, (including install instructions in the comments), on the ShellEd plugin page on the Eclipse site.

I like Shelled as well. If you install it now, you need to download the zip file and point to it in the install new software wizard in Eclipse. You’ll also need to install the man plugin from


Posted 2011年05月14日 by gw8310 in eclipse


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