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in people cloud, style option is for people cloud dynamic application form.

template option is for job boards description.

the procedure of the job posting status

At the beginning, when user click “Post” button, the field “PeopleCloud1__Status__c” will become the “active”. and the field “PeopleCloud1__Job_Posting_Status__c” will be “In Queue”, the field “PeopleCloud1__Job_Posting_Status_txt__c” is a formula field, it will change to the “In Queue”. when scheduler on EC2 run and post to job boards successfully, the field “peopleCloud1__Job_Posting_Status__c” will become “active” from “In Queue”, which is written by code of Ec2, then the field “PeopleCloud1__Job_Posting_Status_txt__c” will become to  the “Posted Successfully” automatically.

When a job expired, user or apex code change the field “PeopleCloud1__Status__c” to non-active. next time, the code on ec2 run, “PeopleCloud1__Job_Posting_Status__c” will become “expired” or something non-active wroten by code on EC2. the field “peopleCloud1__Job_Posting_Status__c” will become to “Deleted”. if the code on ec2 run but haven’t changed “PeopleCloud1__Job_Posting_Status__c” to “expired”, the “peopleClo    ud1__Job_Posting_Status__c” won’t change either.


Posted 2011年07月26日 by gw8310 in peoplecloud


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